West Ham come up short on International Women's Day

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  • Friday, 8th March 2019

It has been revealed that four times as many male employees received bonuses from West Ham United than female employees in 2017/18.

West Ham United celebrated International Women's Day on Friday by releasing a video in which members of the Women's team responded to abusive tweets, whilst including the hashtag #BalanceForBetter which seeks to promote "gender equality around the world".

However Government data relating to the gender pay gap - the difference between male and female wages - reveals that they should perhaps be more concerned by the apparent inequality within the club itself.

According to the latest available figures, 25 per cent of male employees received bonus pay as opposed to just six per cent of female employees.

The figures, which relate to the 2017/18 financial year (2018/19 data is currently unavailable) also confirmed that female employees earned on average 87 per cent less per hour than their male counterparts.

And whilst approximately 46 per cent of employees in the lower half of wage earners in the organisation were female, less than 11 per cent of those in the top pay quartile were women.

However the issue isn't exclusive to West Ham United FC - as the following figures, which includes 2017/18 data for ten established Premier League teams broadly split across England, can reveal.

As can be seen in the following tables, all clubs represented are guilty of failing to address the gender pay gap - although the differences between the cited clubs are in some cases particularly substantial.

And West Ham feature particularly poorly in all categories compared to their peers - despite vice chair Karren Brady's website citing the Baroness as a "passionate champion of women in business".

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Difference in average hourly rate between male and female employees (best to worst)

1. Manchester Utd: 37.8%
2. Everton: 75.1%
3. Liverpool: 77.5%
4. Arsenal: 79.6%
5. Chelsea: 83%
6. Tottenham: 83%
7. Newcastle Utd: 83.3%
8. Southampton: 84.4%
9. West Ham Utd: 87.4%
10. Manchester City: 87.7%

Proportion of women in lowest pay quartile (bottom 25 per cent of wage earners)

1. Chelsea: 20%
2. Manchester Utd: 22%
3. Manchester City: 23.1%
4. Everton: 25.3%
5. Tottenham: 26%
6. Arsenal: 27%
7. Southampton: 28%
8. Newcastle Utd: 36%
9. West Ham Utd: 45%
10. Liverpool: 51%

Proportion of women in highest pay quartile (top 25 per cent of wage earners)

1. Liverpool: 38.8%
2. Arsenal: 29%
3. Manchester Utd: 23.4%
4. Southampton: 20%
5. Manchester City: 19.4%
6. Everton: 18.5%
7. Tottenham: 15%
8. Newcastle Utd: 13.6%
9. Chelsea: 11%
10. West Ham Utd: 10.8%

Proportion of female employees to receive bonus payments

1. Everton: 61.9%
2. Arsenal: 55%
3. Southampton: 43%
4. Tottenham: 30%
5. Manchester City: 25.7%
6. Manchester Utd: 15.5%
7. Chelsea: 10%
8. West Ham Utd: 6.3%
9. Liverpool: 3.6%
10. Newcastle Utd: No bonus payments paid

* Link to table of comparative data used to calculate the above tables.

* All data sourced from gender-pay-gap.service.gov.uk.

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