OSB deny ISA takover bid

  • by Staff Writer
  • Thursday, 2nd May 2019

The chair of West Ham's controversial Official Supporters Board has denied reports that his organisation are planning to attempt to seize control of the West Ham United Independent Supporters Association.

Earlier this week it was claimed that the club-elected OSB, or agents involved with it, were planning a hostile takeover of the independent organisation at this weekend's WHUISA AGM.

WHUISA's AGM takes place this weekend

However David Baker, who chairs the much-criticised OSB has taken to social media in order to angrily deny the reports. "Complete fiction. There are no such plans to do this at all," he insisted via his twitter timeline.

Baker's denial was naturally welcomed by members of WHUISA, the vast majority of whom are deeply opposed to club interference in the independent organisation, which currently boasts in the region of 3,000 paid-up members.

"OSB members should 100 per cent not be allowed to be on the [WHUISA] committee as they'd not be independent," wrote one member on the KUMB Forum.

"If the OSB were propping up a ISA committee member who wasn't on the OSB then that would fall foul of the association's integrity. Ultimately it's going to come down to the ISA membership and how strongly we feel, if things go down that route."

Baker, who unusually for the Chair of a fans organisation has taken to blocking numerous Hammers supporters on twitter, also lashed out after an article on West Ham's website which credited the OSB for improvements that were actually the result of non-related fan engagement was panned.

"Why let facts get in the way of what some want to write anyway," he griped. "Who cares who's ideas they are, it's not a competition. As long as things improve that's the main thing."

OSB member Jim Dolan has accused KUMB of "lying" [pic: twitter]

However it was Baker's fellow OSB member, Jim Dolan (see above) - who represents fan group Pride of Irons and is currently posting under the psuedonym 'Jimmy Dean - on the cover of a magazine' - who appeared most incensed by accusations that the OSB were being credited for ideas for which they were not responsible.

"Let's not kid ourselves. The aim of this article is part of a campaign to try to smear and discredit us," he bleated. "I have people who used to claim to support me for my work with Pride of Irons now attacking me.

"You can't deny the tone of that piece is aimed at making us seem like we've attempted to steal WHUISA's thunder which is nonsense."

Dolan later admitted that that one of the schemes referred to - the introduction of free sanitary goods at the Olympic Stadium - "was absolutely championed by Esther" - referring to the campaign conducted by Esther Jones Russell, who is neither a member of nor associated in any way with the OSB.

* WHUISA's Annual General Meeting is scheduled to take place at the White Posts Cafe on White Post Lane, London E9 5EN this Saturday morning (4 May). The meeting is scheduled to begin at 11am and all members are welcome to attend.

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