The opposition view: Southampton

  • by Staff Writer
  • Monday, 6th May 2019

It's not so many years ago that Southampton visited Upton Park, sang "we play on the floor" and were promptly stuffed 4-1. Their fate, a similar margin on Saturday; their reaction, your latest edition of the OV...

"That was a a bit depressing, apart from the start of the first half. I thought FF was OK in the first half until we gifted the ball to them for their goal: mainly Valery's fault but Stephens dropped back when he should have been closer for the simple square ball that was played. For the second Arnautovic did handle but if the keeper is going to punch, rather than hold, get it away from the middle of the goal. Overall I don't think you can say anybody had a 'good' game although the match thread was full of the usual 'everybody is crap and we're already doomed for next year' over the top reaction. We certainly had better play more effectively against Huddersfield."
- suewhistle

"Ralph warned us there would be changes to give squad players the chance to impress. Not a big surprise that by and large they didn't. Ralph had to look at Forster if only to see if he is good enough to be No 2 next season, that gives the club the option of shifting either him or McCarthy. If they could get rid of Moi, Stephens, Austin, Gallagher, Boufal, Hoedt, Cedric, Forster or McCarthy and possibly Reed that would be some great work but I fear the takers won't be queueing around St Marys for any of them."
- beatlesaint

"Other than the crass stupidity of playing Forster the team was only two players short of our best available team, three at most, and some think Romeu should be shipped out. Redmond on at HT and arguably that was the best team. Elyounoussi is clearly total garbage and needs to go but it was the performance of the team that was disappointing, I can only think they were crapping themselves knowing Desparate Dan was between the sticks."
- VectisSaint

"In almost 30 years of supporting Saints I have never left a game before the end but today the players gave me absolutely no reason to stay. Appalling team performance. And West Ham fans remain among the most despicable bunch of morons on the face of the earth."
- InvictaSaint

"Finishing higher up the league is the bigger picture. What is at stake was possibly another league place, or two higher, which could have been worth another 3-6 million quid to the club (pretty important given our seeming lack of funds). I really doubt Ralph didn't know the likes of Forster and Moi aren't up to it and if he didn't how does yesterdays match help him? He wasn't playing them normally which suggests he didn't rate them and very much doubt he rates them anymore today. There really was no upside to playing a weakened team against West Ham."
- doddisalegend

"We lacked intensity, urgency and energy. Agree with Ralph saying we're tired and it does emphasise how much has been put into staying up with a limited squad. But Elyounoussi and Forster weren't tired. They were just poor. So, if we can get takers, and it's a big if, Forster, Elyounoussi and Stephens can go. Ralph said he wants to give the fans a proper end of season next week, do I hope the players who kept us up play."
- Shroppie

"If you're a fan who's spent hundreds of quid traveling around the country to away games all season then I think you have a right to expect a bit more. Last away game of the season is supposed to be a party not a damp squib. West Ham were actually there for the taking, but our players couldn't summon the desire or the energy to put in a performance. Pointing that out isn't a meltdown."
- LaptopSaint

"Yet again a substandard team makes a mediocre team look good. As soon as I saw the team sheet I thought 'Oh! s.h.i.t' FF and JS plus Ellenousie. Who wants a few pieces of surplus to requirement 'pretenders' for free. Ralph knows who to dump now if he didn't before this charade."
- hasper57saint

"This game has been a sh!t show from when the line up was announced. Very disappointing. Anyone else notice Forster walking off at half time laughing and joking with Antonio? Strikes me as an odd thing to do even if you're league champions, but to be losing, hovering above the relegation zone and still take on that attitude really f@cks me off."
- Ripleys_revenge

"Crap line-up from the start. A Saints' team with Forster, Stephens & Elyounoussi in it was never going to win f*ck all... and so it proved to be. As for the rest of them - today was nothing more than an inconvenience to them now that we're safe - much like next week will probably be. As usual, the only one that actually gave a sh?t was Ralph... and of course the travelling fans."
- 1885_SFC

"We must be West Ham's favourite team to play against. As at St Mary's earlier in the season we are making them look like a top four team."
- Ripleys_revenge

"Yet again thankful that there were three crapper teams. Ralph has kept us up and that is enough, but we deserve to be 16th or 17th. Make no mistake. Personally I'm just looking forward to RH's squad changes in the summer. Fresh season, VAR etc etc. Write this season off. At least we survived..."
- BuenosSaint

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