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  • by Staff Writer
  • Monday, 13th May 2019

The final OV of the season comes from the Shires where the good folk of Herts are up in arms after Manny Pelle's happy Hammers wiped the floor with them on the final day of the Premier League season, in their own back yard.

Still, it's not like they haven't got a Cup FInal to look forward to...

"Looking at the first two goals, they were so avoidable. The first one, Noble plays a simple one-two with Antonio and is left with a run at our goal. The second goal is similar in terms of lack of effort on our part. We dominated the first half, yet poor finishing and weak defending reversed the natural score line on the balance of play. We pulled a goal back through a West Ham mistake, then that woeful red card decision goes against us through Antonio cheating. At the other end Zabaleta tries to foul GD, but he's honest and stays on his feet. Had Deulofeu gone down under the challenge, then the referee would have had to send off Zabaleta, so honesty does not pay when it comes to football. Basically the defence were pathetic, forwards were indecisive and West Ham mugged us of by taking advantage of a weak referee."
- hornetboy1

"Disappointing end to the season, having seen it Holebas was yellow at worse - going away from goal and unintentional contact. Kiko just managed to play himself out of the FA Cup final team - woeful performance. Javi should have made changes at half time. Waste of an afternoon."
- Anon

"The way the referee allowed himself to get conned twice by Antonio was dreadful. Clearly Antonio is a cheat and is like a typical forward player in the Premier League. Goes down like he's shot with the merest touch. Look at the way Antonio goes down after Kiko falls into him for the penalty. It's just ridiculous for the referee to have been mugged off like that. West Ham players were doing this all game long, in the end, much too late, I think the ref twigged what was going on, and stopped giving free kicks for their diving... but the damage was already done by then. Before yesterday, I thought Kavanagh was a decent young official, but he's too raw and naive for the Premier League."
- hornetboy1

"Softest red card ever. Looked like we were denied two blatant penalties though not seen any replays yet, but Grey looked completely bundled over from our view. Their players have clearly been to the Eddie Howe school of diving and feigning injury. Is there anything in the rulebook to say we can't start with 10 men in the final as we do seem to play better."
- Horace_goes_up_north

"Defending was absolutely abysmal, Mark Noble danced his way through Cathcart and Kabasele with minimal effort. Mark Noble. Let that sink in. Just embarrassing. Hopefully a wake up call for next week. I hope we cash in on Pereyra, he has been terrible for large swathes of this calendar year. It's looking as though his form in 2018 was a purple patch. On a side note why were West Ham fans singing about Arsene Wenger in the first half?"
- domthehornet

"From where we were sat in the Rookery it never looked like a sending off and it ultimately changed the game. We had a couple of penalty shouts as well which I wouldnt mind seeing again. I wouldnt mind seeing their second goal again as well, shouts of offside? All in all the officials had a bit of a stinker - the signs were there early on when Sian Messey randomly awarded West Ham a throw-in despite their player kicking the ball off right in front of her. I really am looking forward to VAR coming in. Kiko, a bad day at the office from him and we can have no complaints for the pen he gave away. It was a funny game as I thought we were much the better side for large periods and the score certainly flatters West Ham."
- dynamo380

"Disappointing we have thrown away a great chance of finishing 'best of the rest' with ridiculous defending early on against Arsenal and Wolves, harsh sendings off for Deeney and Homebase both by the linesman. I thought we played well today for much of the game but were done again for pace, a bit like the Bournemouth game. Too much trying to force the perfect goal with flicks and intricate passing rather than taking shots early or putting simple balls in. Bit fed up."
- Guy

"I think when you catch the highlights you'll see the penalty wasn't a shoulder barge. Kiko was off balance and just sort of bundled into Antonio at waist height."
- UEA_Hornet

"The Holebas sending-off was a great example of why VAR will change nothing when it comes to fouls next season. The hulking Antonio, who was able to plough through our defence earlier with players bouncing off him, felt a touch on his shoulder and promptly collapsed hoping for a free kick. The officials saw the touch and that was solely what the decision was based on. I expect any review panel, or VAR next year, to follow the same line. I have nothing against Antonio, who I think is a good player, because they all do it now due to weak refereeing. "
- WillisWasTheWorst

"I don't think anyone would have believed at the beginning of April that we would finish below West Ham. I certainly thought we were set for 7th or 8th at worst. Maybe I was delusional, but IIRC I was far from alone in my expectations. That being the case, its it's hard not to look at one win out of six and four points out of 18 since the semi as being a let down."
- wfcmoog

"I cannot trust myself to write what I am currently thinking. Tomorrow is a hospital day so that will help me get things back into perspective and I will try to be rational on Tuesday."
- Sting

"Femenia needs to learn how to cross. Deeney was shocking. Deuolofeu a bright spark for first 15 minutess of the second half. Amazing save from Fabianski with the last kick of the first half. Javi subs killed the game again - why Mariappa? We're 4-1 down just give Chalobah some minutes. And I just heard Vincent Kompany on Sky Sports say: 'I really, really want to win the FA Cup. You don't even understand how much of a priority that is'. So that's that dream over too."
- Squibba

"When we lose 8-0 next week, this will all be a distant memory..."
- Cassetti's Beard

"That scoreline is pathetic. Holebas seeing red was reckless just after we pulled one back. Players may as well boycott the final as there is absolutley no fight in this team anymore. We've just lost 4-1 to West Ham at home, that will take time to sink in. That performance was unacceptable. I know we can play football, but our finishing (or lack of) has killed us again. West Ham deserve the top ten finish, because on display's since the FA Cup, we have been very average. I'm so angry. God help us next week. It's going to be blue murder."
- SkylaRose

"The only thing that put a smile on my face was the two dildos that flew onto the pitch when West Ham got their third. One was a suction cup number which a West Ham player waved about a bit. The other was a simpler model, which the ref gingerly picked up and threw off the pitch."
- Robert Peel

"For all that we had a slightly disappointing end to the Premier League season, seeing Liverpool come away with nothing on the final day makes up for it."
- Arakel

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