WHUISA chairman resigns

  • by Staff Writer #4
  • Thursday, 6th June 2019

The recently-installed chairman of WHUISA, Lew Ozarow, resigned tonight, and is also believed to have left the association.

Ozarow has been under some pressure since he took office at last month's AGM, having previously been the membership secretary.

In the past few weeks some West Ham United Independent Supporters Association members had launched a petition, hoping to get enough votes to force an EGM and a re-run of the association's elections.

That failed to gain the percentage needed to force an EGM, but sufficient members did sign to put more pressure on the newly installed committee.

The WHUISA committee confirmed Ozarow's departure in a statement to KUMB saying: "Lew Ozarow has tonight resigned the WHUISA chair.

"We thank him for his commitment during the last year. Vice chair John Ratomski will become acting chair. Further details regarding the committee will follow in due course."

The surprise is that Ozarow has quit so earlier in his year in office. Suggestions that an interview he gave to the Newham Recorder this week may have sparked annoyance from some association members.

KUMB understands that Ozarow used the term 'Looney lefties about some former committee members. That was the phrase used 15 months ago in the wake of the decision to abandon the planned march to protest against the club owners ahead of the match against Burnley.

Former committee members were subjected to abuse and threats and the 'Looney lefties' smear became something of a label that WHUISA have struggled to rid themselves of.

What happens now to the WHUISA remains to be seen. There has been suggestions that they could in some way join forces with the newly former Hammers United group, that has amassed 4,000 members in a matter of weeks.

WHUISA have been urged to think in terms of a joint approach to the club for better access to the board, the two groups could well put together a combined membership of around 9,000.

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