The opposition view: Watford

  • by Staff Writer
  • Sunday, 25th August 2019

On a weekend in which West Ham secured their first win of the new season, Watford fans held VAR, the referee, manager Javi Gracia, the new FA laws and bad luck to blame for their defeat. Revel in the Hornets' misery in the latest edition of the OV...

"Best performance of the season so far, which is the worst part. Dominated the ball for the large part. The straight-up blatant cheating of the FA rules regarding going off the nearest touchline is just a total farce, they might as well just play with their hands? Could not believe what I was seeing. Never seen us create so much, never seen us leak so much. West Ham ordinary just like Everton but beat us, Palace result against [Man] United worrying. Not actually time for Javi to go yet but the Newcastle game is MASSIVE now."
- Squibba

"So, as expected, we're done by another poor decision by [Chris] Kavanagh as early as the first minute. It looked like an extremely soft penalty, a decision which we never get. Just moments before that Deulofeu gets fouled in similar fashion and nothing is given. Only three matches into the season and so far every major decision has gone against us. Another VAR decision for a foul on Gray, goes against us. There were a couple of handball shouts as well, but nothing doing. But, going forward we were excellent today. We created so many great chances, yet conspired to find new ways of missing them. How Hughes missed that chance in the second half, only he knows. It would have made it 2-1 to us. We are getting no luck, we are far too easy to play against and opponents don't have to work hard to score."
- hornetboy1

"One of the absolute worst misses I've ever seen."
- NathWFC

"We were dominant for 80% of that match, played some very good football and opened West Ham up at will. Delefeou was a constant threat (though his final ball was hit and miss). Also, yes if Hughes had put that open goal away it could have been a different result. But if we carry on like this we are in trouble. To concede three goals to two average dudes at home and look like we need to score two or three goals to have a chance of winning. I'm worried!"
- Loyalhornet

"Some really old West ham fan, I mean really old, was chatting to a Watford supporter on the tube back. He summed it up: "Yeah, your defence isn't very good".
- Mazzereth

"Would be fantastic if they pulled the trigger on this grinning idiot Gracia this week. He stays, we go down. Simple as. He hasn't got a clue. Fluked us to the Cup Final and the biggest embarrassment in the history of the club, which has brought way too much good credit with most of our fans considering we've been a complete joke in the league since about March. Newcastle is a huge game now."
- wfcwarehouse

"As much as Javi's lack of initiative with subs bothers me, when I watched the match today I came away thinking that the players are playing for him. Our attacking shape looked pretty good, and we were unlucky not to score more. Looking at the stats however, West Ham's expected goals was far higher than ours, at nearly four goals. At home. That's absolutely abysmal. The next game is massive. Lose against the worst side in the league and Javi needs to go."
- miked2006

"We're going down."
- hornetgags

"West Ham make an early change to bring Antonio on, it swings the game in their favour. Javi dawdles and saves up Welbeck/Sarr until we're 3-1 down. We have been unlucky with some of our chances today, but our attacking play is almost meaningless considering our absolutely honking defence. Not looking good and we now seriously, seriously need points Vs Newcastle."
- carboy98

"Kavanagh was poor again yesterday. Did not apply the new rule for the subs going off, but no doubt people will deny that happened or will defend him for doing it. So many free kicks he gave to West Ham, yet ignored free kicks for Watford. Last season we only got one penalty, this season none. In that time we've conceded well over double figures in penalties. We get more yellow cards than any other club, every season. I think the picture is clear, we are continually hard done by, by referees. Certain officials are worse than others though."
- hornetboy1

"Another awful result. Conceded six goals in two home games! People will point and say we should have scored two or three more but so should have West Ham! The defence may as well not be there. It's laughable."
- simpleMASH

"L-L-L-L-L-L-L. You probably already know that's our last seven results - but I had to print that - it gets the pain out. Spineless and soulless second half defensive horror show. That scoreline flatters the Spammers because we were not terrible going forward, created chances and looked generally
O.K. The problem is, when the ball goes the other way, there is a massive panic attack. I really am genuinely worried. This is a nightmare start."
- SkylaRose

"Scott Duxbury and Gino Pozzo. Disgrace. Piss off both you. Idiots."
- RookeryLad

"I think once Welbeck and Sarr are up to speed we have the makings of a really good forward line, but we are atrocious at the back. West Ham have some good attacking players, but the ease with which they cut us apart at times was terrifying. The total lack of organisation and coherence at the back is unforgivable and it'll ultimately be our downfall if things don't change quickly. I thought we'd be comfortably safe this year. It's hard to see that becoming a reality at this point."
- luke_golden

"With this result, Soton winning, CP winning at MU and Luton winning away I'm going to take a break from footy for a bit. Third wicket has just fallen in the cricket. Guess I'm giving that a miss too. See ya!"
- The undeniable truth

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