The opposition view: Norwich City

  • by Staff Writer
  • Sunday, 1st September 2019

They may possess the joint-leading goal scorer in the Premier League but even City fans admitted their team were distinctly second best at he LOS on Saturday afternoon. The latest edition of the OV coming direct from Carrow Road (and surrounding areas)...

"Norwich went up, a young exciting side, Teemu scoring for fun. And many thought that the smallest ever spend for a promoted side was no big deal. A couple of injuries and an embarrassing Cup exit later- followed by a poor show at West Ham - and reality is knocking at the door. For all of our talent and potential we look a few signings short of what is required to compete at this level. And the season has barely begun."
- Dean Coneys boots

"We were too easy to beat today. West Ham stuck eight behind the ball and then countered us. We had no answer to it and were slow and pedestrian all game. Hopefully just a blip today, but we have to use the ball much better going forward."
- Willmeister

"West Ham showed their physicality aided and abetted by the referee, but there was a verve missing from our play. The heads dropped once Zimm went off and this looked nothing like a Norwich team. We had a go at the end, hence the openness which West Ham exploited without scoring and some players, like Lewis, never stopped running but others just seemed to be feeling sorry for themselves. You sometimes have to play ugly and win the right to play at this level. Expansive play cost us possession and goals today. Surely it doesn't have to be all or nothing?"
- Ramrod

"Well played Tim Krul - without his performance this could have been a very damaging defeat rather than an off-day. And yes, that is what it was - just an off day."
- crispeduk

"The most worrying thing about that game was that West Ham just looked fitter than us. We knew they were bigger, stronger, and due to finances probably possess some technically better players. We're in the Premier League, we expect that and we knew we'd have to punch above our weight. Last season we won so many points late in the game due to Farke getting us in the position we were probably the fittest group of players in the division, double training sessions saw to that. Only other team to do those double sessions was Leeds who finished third. So were West Ham fitter, or did it just look like that because we didn't turn up?"
- TeemuVanBasten

"2-0 flattered us. A few good minutes but just too lightweight. We thought the Chump was physical but the EPL is even more so. We offered little overall and need to re-think our open approach otherwise we are certs for relegation."
- Capt. Pants

"To be honest, this looked like a Cup game where we'd drawn a Premier League side and found ourselves totally out of our depth. Men against boys today. What worries me is not our poor defending, that's nothing new, it's our inablity to create chances. Completely different from the Liverpool game, which gave us hope at least. It was a bad day, but we need to make sure we dont have too many of them."
- The Great Mass Debater

"West Ham will finish top half. They aren't going to be battling relegation. If we can take points against the likes of West Ham (at their own place) then great, bonus points. But it's the likes of Newcastle, Brighton, Burnley, Villa, Shef Utd, Southampton (and possibly Watford with how they've started the season) that are our direct competitors. We need to be better than three of those across the course of a season. I think we probably just about will be but it won't be easy!"
- Aggy

"Everywhere you look, negative City fans, GET A GRIP! No disgrace in first three games! Yes, at West Ham we looked second rate, a poor performance, they happen! Far too many City fans believed we would sweep in on a cloud and hit top 10. Get real, this season is going to be a hard slog, every point hard fought, we know that. We are likely to be bottom at the end of September given the fixture list! But lose heart, as many are doing today and yesterday, we will be relegated by Christmas! Wake up smell the coffee and metaphorically roll up the sleeves and get behind the boys!"
- Rhino1

"West Ham won most of the individual battles all over the pitch. Players like Max are now playing against players with pace to match their own. West Ham closed down space, pressed and hurried us and Teemu didn't get much joy. I think today was the real 'welcome to the Premier League' game . Krul was the MOM for us by miles. And if I could be bothered I would now give a 30 minute lecture on the strangeness of the stadium. Last time I was there was 2012 watching Jess Ennis..."
- Graham Paddons Beard

"The London Stadium - what a rubbish place to play football. Miles away from the pitch wherever you sit. There's huge gaps between lower and upper tiers so Norwich fans were a long way from each other. Home atmosphere non-existent for most of the match. The venue is well thought-out and easy to get in and out of, but more suited to music events. No character or soul."
- Hoola Han Solo

"A bad day at the office. Or at least it would have been if we had bothered to turn up."
- Making Plans

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