The opposition view: Manchester United

  • by Staff Writer
  • Monday, 23rd September 2019

Whilst some of our friends in the north grudgingly accepted that the best team won, just as many still can't quite get their heads round the fact that West Ham are currently a superior team to Manchester United. Enjoy the taste of their tears in this week's edition of the OV...

"We're so easy to play against we have the likes of West Ham running out handsome winners and nobody thinking it's anything other than routine. Sky's narrative shots towards the end; Hammer Horror-style close-ups of a hangdog Ole, dismayed United fans and 'the Ed and Jonesy show' would suggest something seismic is happening were it not for Jose and Keane giving the game away with comments like 'I'm not surprised' and 'I knew they were in a bad way but...'. It is not a shock to see us beaten by West Ham because they are currently a better team than us, which is scandalous in itself."
- 12OunceEpilogue

"Even mid-table clubs have dignity and confidence going into a match against fecking West Ham. Most predicted a loss against West Ham before the ball was even kicked."
- Sky1981

"I'm fairly sure there must be instructions, but when you get performances like the first half today it's equally obvious they either aren't being followed or that people aren't working hard enough to follow them. It looked like today the instruction was to only press when West Ham's defenders looked to bring the ball forwards. When we dropped back into a compact defensive shape in our own half, again no aggression or alertness. There are no spaces for West Ham to play into but it doesn't matter because one of their players can literally take 12 touches of the ball without any risk of a tackle or having passing options closed off. When we win the ball back, five or six touches before anyone would look for a pass, all at walking pace... by that time three West Ham players are breathing down their neck. No one is being coached to play like this."
- noodlehair

"This is my first post of the season, as I wanted to give it a few weeks to form a considered opinion. My humble opinion? We are dog shit. I'm seriously worried. West Ham were well worth their win today, and we just don't look threatening. Everything is predictable and lacking creativity. Top four already looks a pipe dream."
- Salus Populi Suprema Lex

"I think West Ham had the better attacking players yesterday. If i compare the team man-for-man i'd take most of West Ham players. Haller > Rashford (big lad who knows how to score). Yarmolenko > Pereira. Noble > Mata (ran the show, something Mata can't do anymore). James = Anderson (James has been playing really well). Lingard and Pereira are Championship players at the moment. I criticise Ole for one thing, he really should be playing the youth. It's clear as daylight that with Mata, Pereira and (at the moment) Rashford we won't score many goals."
- Mourinhonista

"Please, please stop with the excuses that we did not invest enough in the summer. Of course, ideally I'd love it if we brought in more world class players in, but do we seriously need to invest to beat teams like Crystal Palace and West fecking Ham?! Are you saying our squad are worse than theirs? Even fecking Leicester are playing better football than us."
- Micky Targaryen

"I dunno what was worse , today or last year at West Ham."

"Fecking mess, poor all round, rest players on Thursday for what!? That dross, ok we're missing Martial, Shaw, Pogba. But they didn't play last weekend either! It's just poor attitude, they looked beat, they were beat, and let's be honest West Ham are not a good team by far. Not won away since Feb - that says it all."
- Hughie77

"Yet again bullied by West Ham. We didn't have the skill to out-play them nor the bottle to fight them."
- redzombie

"Making Noble and West Ham look good is so fecking annoying. No pace, no tempo, no passion, no quality. dull as feck; I'd have been better off catching up on some work. truly awful and I don't want to hear it from anyone of those calling me a moaner. That was utter shite. Utter shite from the very first moment. I wonder how many of these guys would get into an SAF side and how many if they did, would never do so again after today. Sorry but Ole's plan is as poor as the players. Shite, shite, shite."
- mitchmouse

"Until last week, I was in the Ole camp giving him time. However; the last four results - Southampton away, Leicester home, Astana home, West Ham away - we have looked very lacklustre. Passing for passing sake. He might have inherited the worst United squad but the defence is one of the best in the league? This is not the worst squad, it is the coaching which is terrible. You cannot say we are worse that West Ham, we made them look better than us by a mile."
- romufc

"Ole does not have the tactical ability to get the best of the team. It has nothing to do with rebuilding. We don't need a rebuild to beat the likes of Southampton and West Ham."
- beingshe7don

"Ole was appointed as a temporary manager, Woodfraud then backtracked on the plan to find another manager this summer and appointed Ole near the end of last season. Ever since that appointment, our form has been atrocious, our play has been boring, we leak goals, and we think the fix to our squad woes is to let the likes of Lukaku and Herrera go, to buy a Championship player, and to put faith in McTominay and Pereira as our midfield dynamo. Not won an away game since March, haven't gone more than two games with a clean sheet. Bournemouth have scored more goals than us this season. We've got the same points tally as Sheffield United. We've gone backwards."
- JK-27

"Realising that this Ole just doesn’t have the managerial chops for this big a job is horrible, but there you go. Doesn’t make my memories of him as a player any less fond. For what it’s worth, I think even a world-class manager would struggle at a club that spends its money with such staggering incompetence. But does anyone seriously think Ole is a really too class manager? We never would have thought of him as one at Molde and it doesn’t look like he’s turned into one over the last 10 months."
- Pogue Mahone

"That was way, way worse than anything I expected. Midway through the second half the TV cameras panned to the touchline to show Mike Phelan with a vague beergut gesturing half-heartedly and Ole behind him, hands in pockets, staring blankly ahead looking like a young David Moyes. It was quite a poignant moment. Before kick-off, most fans could pick out five or six West Ham players that would probably get into our team. By full-time, you could say most of the West Ham team man-for-man were clearly better than what we had to work with. This, boys and girls, is what we have become. We are a mid-table team who just happen to pay extremely well for little return. When you have a mid-table squad and a mid-table manager, you get mid-table results. We finish mid-table; I'd not be surprised to see us finish 10th."
- Alabaster Codify7

"I thought we were solid as rock before that [first] goal. West Ham couldn't even get near De Gea or even our 18-yard box. I know that lot of you don't like Matic but with him as DM we are harder to beat. The goal came when Pereira suddenly was on the left side and it clearly disturbed our defending. In the second half I thought we were still good even if we had to open up to chase a goal. West Ham got more to say about but still our backline were good. Second goal is nothing to do about. We lost. West Ham is hard place to go to but I don't think we were worse. I really don't. Difference were that they scored and we didn't."
- 90+5 min

"I expected West Ham to win beforehand, but I wasn't expecting such a lacklustre performance. No energy, super sloppy passing, lethargic static football with most having a full week to recover from the last game. No positives today."
- Bastian

"West Ham didn't play significantly better with a full team. They were clinical sure and with fine margins, Mata missed, Rashford didn't even get a shot off while through on goal, Maguire doesn't lift his shot and it's easily blocked. The quality and depth of the squad is horrific. Again, the only constant this entire time is Woodward. Regardless of manager, to field a United squad this thin of PL quality players is neglectful and disrespectful."
- edcunited1878

"Funnily enough we should have got something from the game with those two golden chances. West Ham weren't great TBH - they didnt have to be. Two average teams played today."
- Reddevildans

"As bad as we were, West Ham took their two goals very well. We missed two sitters. We will have plenty of games like this this season, we’ve not got the class edge anymore so it will come down to who takes their chances on the day."
- Lentwood

"So bad now I won't be surprised if we slump towards the relegation zone. Who can we actually say we are better than with this bunch of players? We can't score, concede too easily and have absolutely zero invention. Where are the pluses cos I sure as hell can't find any?"
- UnitedChampionsAgain

"Not even going to bother commenting on what I saw today and the club as a whole. I am fed up and have had enough of it."
- The holy trinity 68

"Even the most optimistic fans knew this was going to be a LONG season and I think most of us knew we’d see games like this. Players looked tired despite all the stuff we’ve been hearing about fitness over the summer. Pogba and Shaw wouldn’t have made a bit of difference today. Neither of them would have fancied the battle on the pitch. Martial was a miss but we still should have better squad depth. Easily deserved win for West Ham who didn’t have to play particularly well themselves."
- Irwin99

"The difference between us and them was that they scored two great goals and we missed the easiest two chances (Mata and Maguire) in the game."
- dev1l

"Biggest club in the country, biggest stadium, biggest fan base, biggest turnover, biggest profit, most trophies... a billion spent in recent years and we see Mata, Matic, Young, McTominay, Perriera, Fred and Lingard all on the pitch who are either done or simply not good enough, it makes you absolutely weep."
- freddie the red

"People can talk about lack of quality players all day! Tell that to the Leeds, Norwich and Bournemouth managers! All play better football than us with worse players! Needed defenders, bought two, still got slapped by West Ham! Bare excuses but no one facing facts!"
- Rants

"West Ham didn’t even play well, that’s the worst bit."
- ivaldo

"You can blame Ole all you like, on paper West Ham had a better side out than Man United for this game. If you looked at the starting 11 and subs for both teams, West Ham were superior. For Man Utd to be in a position where they have a few injuries and are clearly worse than West Ham (with all due respect) then serious questions have to be asked of the people who are controlling the transfers/wages of the football club."
- RyRoc

"Did anyone honestly expect anything better? Even on paper their team today looked better than ours and had more quality."
- Sarni

"West Ham had better players than us today: DDG > Fab; Awb > Fredicks; Maguire > Ogbonna; Lindelof < Diop; Cresswell < Young; Mctominay < Rice; Matic < Noble; Pereira < Forlans; James < Anderson; Mata < Yarmelenko; Rashford < Haller. Three players I'd say we were better in, in their respective positions. Really so predictable."
- RussellWilson

"Bless Mark Noble, he said there was talk we could win the league apparently. Not sure if he realised someone was taking the piss..."
- LARulz

"There's nothing like hearing ‘you’re fecking sh*t’ followed by ‘oles’ for the umpteenth time."
- Jacko21

"We're almost there. We just need to sell two more forwards and two more midfielders without replacing them and I think we'll finally be there. Stay the course, Ole."
- nainaisson

"Another weekend where we put smiles on everyone else's faces."
- VeevaVee

"It’s still a team's Cup Final when they play us... can’t they just go a bit easier on us now we are shit?"
- Heinzesight

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