The opposition view: Southampton

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  • Sunday, 15th December 2019

Southampton. Nice ground. Pleasant manager. Lots of possession. Play on the floor. Three points. Thank you very much.

"It actually amazes me how dreadful we are at home. The amount of times we go in at half time, damage already done and haven't even made their 'keeper make one save. Was the same against Bournemouth, Everton, Leicester and Watford. And we've still only scored the first goal once at home. How can we ever expect much when all we do is go in at half time losing everyone game? In the last couple of seasons I've thought deep down we can get out of it, but with a combination of the sides that were crap last season being much improved, and the teams promoted showing they have something about them, I do think at this stage this could be the year we finally go. There's still loads of time to turn it around, but no arguments we are the second/third worst team in the league at this moment in time."
- saints-cris

"We were bullied for seventy minutes. We need a large, solid centre back who does similar, if nothing else! However there is not a simple solution. West Ham had eleven bullies."
- West Stand

"The big factor today was we just got bullied off the ball by West Ham, plus the shocking revelation came in the car from Ralph H on the Solent interview - apparently the long balls were a problem we weren't prepared for!! WTAF! How many years have our two first team coaches been in English football and what style of football is West Ham's default setting.
Whilst the recruitment has been woeful over the past few years, Ralph might be a smart chap, but I am beginning to think he might not be smart enough for the Premier League. Highlights of the day getting home before it started raining and receiving my annual scroll calendar from the Chinese down the village."
- John Boy Saint

"That was shocking. The goal was a debacle of poor defending. As for the possession, give me a break, the less possession we have the better our attacking football. The sad fact is that the more possession we have the less attacking we do."
- derry

"So sloppy in the first half. Gave the ball away again and again. We were far too lightweight to cope with Antonio. Their goal should have been stopped about three times: weak, ineffectual defending. McCarthy saved us from a worse defeat. Ings worked his socks off but things just weren't joined up. The foul before he 'scored' was very soft. We now have to bounce back at Villa. The mini-revival is over."
- Shroppie

"Where do i begin? I don't mind losing a game of football, I'm used to it. But not to turn up, not to put a shift in, not to CARE is unacceptable. Ings aside, not one of the rest of them are fit to wear the shirt. And the manager has lost the plot. As fans we expect and demand more. At the very least, 100% effort. Not sure where we go from here, to be honest."
- davefoggy

"West Ham were too strong for us, defended better than us and were better going forward. I remember Michail Antonio playing for us on the wing in League One. At the time he was young and the general consensus was that he had pace but not enough skill or strength. What an improvement. Shame he couldn't have done it through our coaching system."
- Manuel

"Any hand contact rules out a goal. Accidental or not. That said he [Antonio] actually handles it before Stephens kicks it. Deliberate or not only he will know, but to my mind that first contact is s handball under the new rules. Reality is that we are in a real relegation battle. Teams in relegation battles lose games. Hope for reinforcements in the winter but don't expect. Shout for the team and encourage energy and confidence, not booing. Ings is a goal scorer in form so we have a chance."
- Saint Troy

"Does Antonio always score with his hands? VAR is probably why WHU are now struggling. Cheating ********!"
- Charlie Wayman

"I'm still not sure whether, when Stephens kicked the ball against Antonio's hand, the contact was unavoidable or whether Antonio deliberately put his hand there to stop the Stephens clearance. But with the new VAR rules, any ball-to-hand contact seems to be given as hand ball. I'm surprised more teams haven't taken advantage by deliberately kicking the ball at a defender's arm in the penalty area."
- Nordic Saint

"Frightened to death of Antonio they were. Petrified bunch of ponces. He ran us ragged. What we need is a big, brick sh?thouse CB like Killer, van Djik, etc. FFS..."
- 1885_SFC

"Our players were terrified of Antonio - including the ref who didn't book him for his tantrums and histrionics. At one point he shouted straight in the ref's face. Apart from that he totally destroyed our defence. Which isn't that hard. But they had a definate penalty, were the better side and deserved the win."
- Heisenberg

"There have some pretty bad performances at SMS over the past three seasons and this up with the worst of them. Even with VAR in our favour we were woeful. West Ham aren't a great side but were in a different League to us, which will be the case next season. Dark times and I can fully understand why very few people are daft enough to buy a ticket for home games."
- spyinthesky

"Ralph is not up to it... Woeful today. He really has no idea what he is doing. Wasn't prepared, didn't prepare the team at all and let everyone down today. Simply not good enough and has to be sacked - that is it for me. Ralph's fault today - clueless."
- captainchris

"Depressing day, felt very much like the Everton game to me. West Ham should have been further ahead than 1-0 by the time we created anything. Reality came crashing home against West Ham; fair play to Pellegrini because even though his team have been atrocious lately, he still stuck two up top for the first time because he knew how shocking our defence is. He even said as much after the game - "we know they concede goals". Every team looks forward to playing us now, they know we are a soft touch and will eventually fall apart if pushed hard enough. So to add to our lack of talent we also have a ridiculous lack of bottle."
- Ripleys_revenge

"I should have gone to the all day gig at the Loft instead. Spent most of my time laughing at how inept we were. I think Ward Prowse's header from six yards out - when the ball seemed to knock him over - was my favourite comedy moment. Special shout outs to Stephens' shot which went for a throw in and Hojbjerg letting the ball roll under his foot when in 20 yards of space in midfield which contributed to their goal. We really are terrible."
- The Cat

"The bit that I found most frustrating was the freeze frame just before Haller scored. The ball was being headed back to him and we had NINE people in the box, including McCarthy. The problem was, nobody was marking him, in fact nobody was within six or seven yards of the striker. Sums us up."
- TimSaint

"The ref was weak and let their players bully us and himself. It's always the same with West Ham. At the end, when their 'keeper was injured it was like an old pals reunion - all grouped together having a drink with the ref. I had to let them know what I thought of them during their fucking mother's meeting, cheating time-wasting c***s. Yes we were poor, but it is fine lines. I still don't know why Ings' delightful goal was chalked off, I can't watch the highlights as yet. It will be a miracle if we get out of this."
- darthvader

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