Gold 'investment' claim refuted by supporters

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  • Tuesday, 17th December 2019

West Ham co-owner David Gold has been heavily criticised after he claimed that the club had spent "millions" upgrading the facilities at the club's two training grounds.

The octogenarian was responding to a request by a supporter to invest in the club's training facilities when he insisted that the finances had been spent "improving the training facilities to the highest standards".

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However that comment was poorly received by numerous fans who insisted that the club's level of investment failed to match that of fellow Premier League clubs.

"You may have spent millions but you and the other directors cannot hide the fact that the training facilities are very poor," wrote @airbag93986541. "It is well known to players at other clubs. You are responsible, you need to address this issue."

Whilst @andyaustin67 added: "Do you mean that or is that something that you'll say in years to come you never meant? A bit like 'next level', 'world class players for world class stadium' - you know, that kind of thing?"

Meanwhile other fans responded to remind Gold that the level of investment in facilities at Chadwell Heath and Rush Green had been dwarfed by the estimated £17million dividend payments he and co-chairman David Sullivan has drawn from the club since 2010.

"Our facilities and training ground look two bob pub standard," wrote @JARobertson92. "We have not invested nearly enough during your reign at West Ham. You charge high interest on all your loans to the club and it is a disgrace. Where is all the money going? No ambition."

@bomstickle agreed. "£4m spent on training facilities compared to Leicester's £100m," they wrote. "A rented non-football stadium at £2.5m a year. Even Mike Ashley [at Newcastle] doesn't charge interest on loans."

Despite the many negative comments, Gold's tweet was also 'liked' 48 times, although it is undetermined by whom.

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