The KUMB Podcast Interviews: John Hartson

  • by Staff Writer
  • Friday, 24th January 2020

In March 2014 the KUMB Podcast team sat down with former West Ham United forward John Hartson for an exclusive interview about his time at the club.

Hartson - who spent two years at the club in the late 1990s - spoke at length about his time at West Ham United, Celtic and other clubs.

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What a 20 goals-a-season striker looks like

And for the first time you can hear John's interview with the KUMB Podcast team of Chris Scull and James Longman on its own, outside of the episode in which it first appeared, via KUMB's YouTube channel.

The interview is part of the 'KUMB Podcast interviews' series, which we are revisiting via our channel over the coming weeks and months.

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