The penny drops: a board under fire

  • by Staff Writer
  • Monday, 27th January 2020

A protest staged by West Ham United supporters in the Olympic Park a week or so ago appears to have been the catalyst for a series of reports critical of the current board.

Since Hammers United's demonstration attracted in the region of 2,000 supporters prior to the Premier League match against Everton, the media has rallied against the record of David Sullivan and David Gold.

Meanwhile the club's vice chair Karren Brady has also been heavily criticised for her record since arriving along with the two owners back in 2010.

The Sunday Supplement team were damning in their condemnation of the board

We reported yesterday how writers Jonathan Liew, Matt Law and Matt Dickinson laid into the board on Sky Sports' weekly Sunday Supplement show with The Telegraph's Law accusing the trio of running the club "like a fruit stall".

Meanwhile the print media have added their condemnation of the board's record today, with F365's Ian Watson stating: "For West Ham, the outlook is bleak indeed".

The club "have witnessed a succession of promises from Davids Gold and Sullivan and Karren Brady, an array of well-meaning managers and new signings, but precious little leadership and thus no sustainable improvement whatsoever," he wrote.

And Seb Stafford-Bloor, writing for 442 called West Ham "a club drifting towards disaster".

"The deeper issues at West Ham are rarely discussed, with debate generally limited to the problems with the first team and the head coach," he wrote, adding "the propensity to bounce between half-baked ideas is very much the club's modern way".

Not holding back: Holt hammers vice chair

The Mail's Oliver Holt was particularly scathing in his assessment of vice chair Karren Brady, taking to social media to ask: "Is it not even vaguely puzzling that Karren Brady is held up as a paragon of business savvy and yet she runs a club that is a total car crash?"

And a piece in The Sun, the tabloid for which Karen Brady composes a weekly column referred to West Ham's joint owners as "jazz mag moguls", adding: "It's probably a good job the supporters are now so far from the pitch that they cannot see exactly how bad the football has become."

In addition to the media onslaught, an anonymous source has produced a meme which mocks club captain Mark Noble's 2016 suggestion (following the final game at the Boleyn Ground) that the club is "no longer being run like a circus," by depicting the London Olympic Stadium as a big top.

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