The John Lyall years - new episodes released

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  • Wednesday, 25th May 2022

The next two parts of Robert Banks' series 'The John Lyall Years' have been released.

Parts 10 and 11 - which focus upon West Ham's matches from August to October 1976 and October 1976 to January 1977 respectively - may now be seen via Rob's YouTube channel - or alternatively below.

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The series - which begins from the point where Lyall succeeded Ron Greenwood as manager in 1974 - will eventually cover the entire period during which Lyall was in charge at Upton Park, some 15 years until his controversial departure in 1989.

"'The John Lyall Years' was born out of a desire to map West Ham’s history in a logical and chronological way," Rob told KUMB. "I had seen a similar thing done by a Leeds Fan, Marc Gibbons, on YouTube called 'The Wilderness Years' charting the period between 1975 and 1988. I loved it and wanted to do something similar.

"I still feel that John Lyall is underrepresented in our club’s history and his achievements should be featured more prominently. So I decided to make the series about his tenure, starting when he took over first team affairs in 1974.

"The aim was to spark memories for those who remember that period, and educate those too young, but who might have heard the stuff of legend."

To see parts 1-9 either visit Rob's YouTube channel or alternatively, click here to see all nine parts on KUMB.

Episode 10: 1976

Episode 11: 1976-1977

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