You're nicked, my son

  • by Staff Writer
  • Thursday, 22nd September 2022

West Ham United supporters were arrested more than fans of any other club in the Premier League during the 2021/22 season, it has been revealed.

The Irons may be struggling at the wrong end of the league table currently but have no such concerns when it comes to topping the list of supporters nicked last season.

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95 individuals who claimed to be West Ham fans had their collars felt during the most recent campaign, 19 more than their closest rivals Manchester City.

“We are keen to support our partners in delivering their proposals, which include the introduction of stadium bans for people who enter the pitch as well as those who use pyrotechnics,” said Mark Roberts, the head of football policing for England and Wales.

“We are also pleased that the government is adding Class A drugs offences to the banning order legislation. This will provide police with another option to tackle criminal and anti-social behaviour by those who are under the influence of drugs.

“Anyone who commits a criminal offence either outside or inside a football ground can expect to face the consequences of their actions.”

In total there were more than 2,000 arrests made at league matches in England and Wales and at fixtures involving the two national teams. Two thirds of those arrests took place inside the nation's football stadia, with public disorder being the most oft-reported crime.

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