The opposition view: Southampton

  • by Staff Writer
  • Monday, 17th October 2022

Lucky to walk away with a point, appears to be the general consensus from Saints fans, as the reflect on Sunday's 1-1 draw with the Hammers. Enjoy the latest OV, coming loud and proud form the south coast...

"A frustrating watch for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we created chances and could have had the game won in the first half if we had better finishers. Che and AA put in huge effort but just don't have the quality to score often enough. It was almost a shame that our good chances fell to them as we might have scored more if they had gone to others. Secondly, we gave the ball away so often in the seond half that we were our own worst enemies. Weat Ham fans must really feel like that was three points missed."
- Alanh

"The stat that stands out for me today? After we scored today it was 23 shots to four (West Ham's way, obviously)."

"What did West Ham want the ref to do about Perraud’s goal? It’s not his fault that Bowen runs into him. Perraud managed to avoid him, perhaps Bowen ought to be more aware of what was around him?"
- Whitey Grandad

"I don't think we played particularly well. In the first half West Ham were poor, second half they upped there game and we couldn't cope."
- Saint-Michael

"It was inevitable that West Ham would equalise and also inevitable that from that point Ralph would be totally incapable of rallying his team to make a concerted effort to regain the initiative and the lead. He is a beaten man, so do the honourable thing and take the reigns away from him because it is not going to get any better. He's out of ideas."
- saintant

"We were totally outclassed by an average West Ham team. I can take being outclassed by city or Liverpool but that’s West Ham. It was obvious that the midfield was being overrun five minutes before their leveller. And we take too long. Scameca looked good, on another day he could have scored four."
- madge

"With a decent goalscorer Saints could have been 3-0 up by half time. Without a decent goalscorer Saints will be relegated."
- obelisk

"West Ham had two full backs and one CB in a back three, if there was ever a time to beat them it was yesterday which is the most frustrating thing. The fact we are now giving Adam Armstrong his longest spell in this team is pretty telling, and no surprise we can't score. We have nothing else."
- S-Clarke

"If we were stupid enough to give Declan Rice the freedom of the park it is a miracle we managed to scramble a point. What goes on at the training ground in preparation for matches? Does nobody gather a dossier on our opponent's strengths and weaknesses? You wouldn't even need a dossier to know what Rice can do - it's there for anyone to see watching him in televised games. I despair at how amateur this club has become."
- saintant

"In the first half Declan Rice played deep and as we sit back these days, he had time to set up attacks. However in the first half, Saints were stronger and intercepted well. In the second half he pushed forward, still had loads of room. His goal was classic Rice, he had time to move, look, set, pick a spot and shoot. No way would Romeu have allowed that."
- macca155

"Never got the hype for Declan Rice but seeing him in flesh, my God he's good. A knack of always being in space, can move it on quickly, very good spacial awareness, can protect it and play short and long, dictated everything through midfield, pretty much everything JWP isn't."
- danjosaint

"Declan Rice showed JWP why he isn't anywhere near the England squad. Midfield was atrocious really both halves. Having ABK going off early didn't help and Sally made some big mistakes. Not a lot the manager can do about that. We didn't look like the home team in the second half. Very lucky to walk away with a point."
- Paul.Studio

"There were players in their back four who couldn't trap a bag of cement - so for me that was not a great point against a good West Ham side."
- rallyboy

"I thought WHU played well, but a look on their forum suggests the fans didn't think so."
- skintsaint

"90 minutes of my life I’m not going to get back. West Ham fans must be fuming that they didn’t win. What is worse was the expectant resignation of everyone around me when they scored. We are just numb to the shit now."
- Wade Garrett

"Armstrong has played recently as more of a winger, not a striker. Yesterday he was clearly our best attacking player. There's no doubt our striking options are 'bare bones' and Adams and Armstrong are not the answer - yet both have roles to play in support of a main striker - someone like West Ham's Scamacca would be just the ticket. I know players like Scamacca are outside of the club's range, but a striker of his bracket would solve a lot of problems."
- austsaint

"We are too bloody nice for our own good. Watching the West Ham goal, as I thought in the game, the ball hits the ref - the game must stop but he plays on - then on MotD there a bit of bitching about the ref being in the way for Perraud's goal. Even if Bankes wasn't going to over turn it we should have been right in his ear about not stopping the game for his contact."
- John Boy Saint

"Good first half, appalling second half. Four fucking subs at once tells me he’s lost the plot. It was a mess. West Ham could have scored five with better finishing. Also the ground has got quieter if you can believe it. I guess people have nothing to get excited about."
- Plastic

"Second half was fucking embarrassing. Two tactics, run with it and hope to beat six players or pump it into West Ham’s half and reorganise for the next attack. Please sack Ralph ASAP, please."
- Pilchards

"Adams couldn’t finish his dinner but dragging him off is still a mistake. Such a let off for West Ham as we lose all presence up top. Could’ve easily been a bit of a tonking but for a few of WHU’s good efforts being a foot wide. Ralph's out of ideas, time to go."
- Jack

"A point against West Ham (in itself) is a good point. A point against West Ham most would agree is a good point. A point against West Ham when you’ve been shit since February and in the bottom three, is not so good. We are not a fucking Champions League team. We are a poor bottom half Premier League team. Equally Ralph doesn’t deserve half the abuse he gets, but eventually you have to say enough is enough - and that time is now."
- FarehamSaintJames

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