Times repeat KUMB 'Kretinsky' claims

  • by Staff Writer
  • Tuesday, 28th March 2023

Some weeks ago KUMB reported how Daniel Kretinsky had staged talks with the LLDC regarding a potential deal for the London Olympic Stadium.

Paul Walker, writing in his 13 February exclusive reported that "Kretinsky is rumoured to be having one-to-one chats with Lyn Garner, the all-powerful CEO of the London Legacy Development Corporation".

And despite denials from within the club - repeated by a blog in thrall to the club's board who claimed erroneously there was no substance to KUMB's article - Paul's claims has now been repeated by the national press, with The Times running with the same story.

"West Ham United are open to buying the London Stadium after the venue’s owner admitted that it would remain a burden on the capital’s taxpayers even if a naming-rights deal was secured," read the story by Chief Reporter Martin Ziegler, who added:

"Those close to Daniel Kretinsky, the Czech billionaire who became one of the main shareholders in the club in 2021 and who may complete a full takeover, say he would be open to a deal for the stadium."

The LLDC's Lyn Garner admitted during a recent meeting that the stadium will continue to run at a major loss despite suggestions that the group are close to agreeing naming rights for the arena, which the club have played their home games in since 2016.

And while the group have set aside some £200million to cover future losses, other sources have speculated that the shortfall could amount to as much as £1billion - funds that would have to come from the public purse, unless a deal with the club could be agreed.

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