The opposition view: Leeds United

  • by Staff Writer
  • Tuesday, 23rd May 2023

There was plenty of navel gazing taking place on the Leeds forums following their 3-1 defeat at West Ham - a result that almost certainly condemns the Whites to a return to the Championship, from whence they recently arrived. Hence it's a trimmed down OV for this week...

"West Ham recovered after falling behind to thump Leeds all the way back to the Championship - barring a miracle. Leeds started the better, and deservedly took the lead after 17 minutes. They managed to stay ahead for 15 minutes until the inevitable happened when Bowen's deep cross found Declan Rice in acres of space. The visitors took the lead with 20 minutes left on the clock and to add insult to to injury, Lanzini added a third in injury time."
- Ellandback1

"Time was always against Sam Allardyce at Leeds United, but this weekend the problem was too much of it. When Jarred Bowen dinked the ball over the six-yard box for Declan Rice to score a goal. the Hammers celebrated like every East End mother’s son was coming home from prison. Leeds’ attempts to salvage the match, and their season, are best summed up by the goal that confirmed the defeat: in stoppage time, West Ham tried to keep the ball in the corner to waste time, but it turned out easier for Lucas Paqueta to go around Summerville, Aaronson, Roca and Max Wöber, beat Rasmus Kristensen to the byline, and clip the ball into the middle where Manuel Lanzini lurked alone."
- Moxcowhite

"It's no fun watching our club try and compete at a level of competition where we stand no chance. We need to go back down to the Championship and try and build again. It's going to take a significant upgrade in ownership before we can hope to compete in the Premier League. Right now it's financially impossible. I think we have the makings of a good Championship level team. But it certainly is going to be an interesting summer!"
- BlackHillsPaul

"I deludedly thought we couldn't possibly be this shite so consistently and for 99% of the season. Blind faith rarely has a happy ending, does it."
- Rev72

"At least we looked threatening from corners as usual ... err. What summed it up for me was with seven minutes to play and with two goals needed, our match winning, 'masterstroke' was to bring on Aaronson and Roca."
- UbiqueLUFC33

"£35m on Rutter - he may turn into a player in three years' time, but not now. Too much buying for tomorrow and the future value, rather than today. I thought Bowen, Rice and Paquetta showed what a gulf in quality there was. We should have been three up before they scored too - inability to take chances has been a season long issue."
- hopelesslyoptimistic

"That second half again. West Ham wanted it more, or maybe just had too much quality for this poor Leeds side. I have never witnessed Declan Rice do one roll over the ball with two feet... in this game he did about six it was that easy for him. The lack of desire was alarming. I don't know if a bit of confidence will turn this lot around, winning a few games because at the minute this team would struggle in the Championship. I also don't feel Sam is the right man to progress us if he is going to be kiss goodbye to our so called flair players. Gnonto, Jimmy and Brendon. They are not Big Sam's players. I don't think he's obviously been watching us much because this team is about as far away from a Big Sam team as you could get."
- Leeds1000

"Alladyce is a clueless as they come .... I'd be happy if we gave him his 500k now and let the players manage the final game... Complete shit with the tactics today, worse with the subs."
- The Subhuman

"From Bielsa ball to this; I would rather watch the One Show even if the guests were Gyles Brandeth and Richard and fucking Judy..."
- airedale

"Big Sam has run out of miracles."
- John in Louisiana

"A player clearout needed and Bamford can fuck off as well. Never Premiership level, he's barely fucking Championship level."
- Rev72

"I really thought we would win this game. The second half display was one of the most dispiriting things I have ever seen. How could a team facing relegation come out and give such a lacklustre performance? West Ham had the fire and energy we should have had on display. Why weren't we the ones trying to force the action? There's talent on this club. Not City or Arsenal talent, certainly, but more than enough to have kept us up. The whole just always seemed to be less than the sum of the parts. What seems patently obvious is that current leadership has run its course."
- John in Louisiana

"I thought we’d go down with some fight after the Newcastle game, but it seems not. We set up to try and nick a result and that sort of football went out with the ark. It shouldn’t be Sam next season. No chance. Not his fault obviously but it’s a no."
- Jaydog

"Same old, same old really from these players. Gutless, spineless and completely outplayed. I genuinely did not think that in such an important game they'd once again be so passive and weak, basically gifted West Ham the ball for the entirety of the game. It is tough to swallow, but honestly I don't even know if staying up would be good because it would be more of this shit again, these players aren't suddenly going to grow a pair of bollocks next year. Credit to Ayling today, he tried - it is just sad that he was the only one."
- joellufcprice

"That's it. Fuck off the lot of you. Pathetic defending. Pathetic players. Pathetic board."
- Anon

"In some ways relegation is a relief. We stay up, and we have most of this squad next season and more of the same. Who wants that? I don't. Time for a complete reset."
- Chilli D

"Hello Championship my old friend, I've come to play in you again..."
- Scoobychief

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