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  • Tuesday, 27th February 2024

Remember me!? It's been a while. Returning to celebrate a first home win against Brentford since 1993, with the first OV of 2024...

"You could never accuse Simon Hooper of being biased, he's just a crap referee who shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a professional game. How he waved away the foul on Onyeka was a disgrace."
- abellbee

"The ref may as well have put on a claret and blue shirt. Can’t speak for the pen as I was the other end of London in the stadium watching it, but how that wasn’t a foul on Onyeka in second half is beyond me. But Hooper wasn’t the reason we lost at all. Only two positives from tonight. Getting home by 11 and the worldie in front of me."
- Supernova96

"It’s got nothing absolutely nothing to do with the ref. We were poor. So poor that if we can’t do better, we’re going down. If their finishing was better that scoreline would have been embarrassing."

"We were so poor and deserved to lose, but it looked a clear penalty in the first half and the foul on Frank in the second half wasn’t given when anything on Paqueta was. Refs seem to have it in for us at the moment. We are getting very little."
- Mark H

"As bad as VAR and the general standard of refereeing is, there is no point moaning about it if you are going to continuously ship soft goals."
- Hampshire Bee 2018

"I didn't see any nailed on penalties or VAR controversies tonight. We are vulnerable at the back and West Ham capitalised. We have to keep plugging away and believe we can convert some of the home games to points. Disappointing night."
- W5BeesFan

"If we’d got the two penalties we should have been given if the ref wasn’t blind we’d have been level. Not to mention the momentum we’d have had from being given fouls when we were fouled whereas instead you could see players getting frustrated with never getting anything."
- SouperBrentfordFC

"I thought the team selection was on the negative side given how awful West Ham had been recently, but I realise our injuries dictate that at present. Overall I am not sure if West Ham started well or we were awful, but you’re up against it at any level if you concede two early goals. We improved, in part as I don’t think West Ham could believe their luck or knew what to do at that point. Referee wasn’t good, but that cannot be the excuse for the performance. I am convinced we’ll be fine and stay up - just, but it is a very very hard watch at the moment whether it be in the Premier league or League 1 or 2 with which I am more accustomed!"
- Twickbee

"Trying to play like Man City away at West Ham in the first few minutes of a very important game got us beat. West Ham were low on confidence and struggling for goals so we help them out in attack. Awful tactics and shocking quality in that first half. Second half proves why we have conceded so many goals this season, marking nothing and ball watching. The whole approach to the game was so wrong, we should have been horrible to play against."
- beeeehive

"A joke of a start to the game cost us - a crap day ended by a crap result. Thought it was a decent turnout and so many empty seats at their shithole which they sold their soul for. Need some wins soon though."
- unBEEliveable

"Worst night in ages. Sh*te performance, sh*te stadium, sh*te support. Don't know why we bother sometimes..."
- Paul_T

"Honestly that was embarrassing! Don’t understand how we can be set up like that?!? Did we just expect to turn up and win? How many did they concede against Arsenal? Didn’t really think we were trouble, do now. We can’t keep playing like this! Please explain the set up. KLP at RwB? Pathetic from Thomas! Be hard to beat - everything else a bonus. Really pissed as you might tell. Not good enough."
- Old NL Bee

"There had better have been a bug going around the squad, because if that was the commitment from a fully fit team then we’re stuffed. Only one of the starters put in a convincing shift and the subs did their best and came close to rescuing some honour, but the damage was already done. And the farce getting into the ground! How many times do we need to be searched?"
- coconino

"There was a horrible group of youngsters walking away from the ground last night. I guess they were Brentford fans. One kept shouting out 'Millwall' and spitting (regardless that there were people all around him). I think the police had a word with them which may have saved them from an unpleasant outcome."
- Bunny

"There were some absolute pricks in the away end tonight. I've decided not to take my little girl to away games anymore. I have no problem with shouting and swearing, that's life, but some of the behaviour is ridiculous."
- brentfordfc4ever

"There’s been enough stories of our away support in the last couple of years to know we do have some weapons grade throbbers following us."
- Untouchable

"No pace up front to worry West Ham's defence - Toney daintily jogging around waiting for his Arsenal contract to come in and Maupay, although he had some endeavour, doesn't have the pace of Toney to worry anyone. TF hould have got Wissa on earlier."
- icanmix

"A word on Frank. It goes without saying what he has done for us and the club to get us to where we are right now. However, you can think of all that incredibly positively - but right now questions need to be asked. The tactics / formation with three CB's is without doubt, not working. Not making a sub for a midfield/forward player when 2-1 behind until 17 minutes to go - is terrible, whether he believes he has the players or not. If you are 2-1 down with 25 or 30 minutes to go, whatever you have the pitch is not working. Make the changes, be proactive and on the front foot. These are two glaring aspects that TF is holding firm on - and it is costing us."
- SlumanBee

"Not even a decade ago, if somebody told me that on 26 February 2024 we’d be enjoying our third season of Premier League football, have a new stadium, have a squad full of international players and have enjoyed memorable victories over Man Utd, Arsenal, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs, I’d have bitten their arm off for a 4-2 defeat away at West Ham which still leaves us five points clear of the drop zone. I’m still loving every minute of it."
- Untouchable

"Has Ivan Toney already left the club? I can’t remember ever seeing him have such a stinker. It’s like he has been training with the defenders..."
- North Northants Bee

"I’d just like to say how commendable it is for us to have given up defending for lent."
- Andy_Mc_is_God

"First time watching us at London Stadium and I won't rush back any time soon. God knows what we were doing for the first six minutes - this was a team completely out of form and we gift them a two-goal lead. I thought we had a shout of a point at half time but yet another shocking goal kills the game and the fourth was the icing on the sh*t cake. We are in a relegation battle no matter what is said - 10 defeats in 12 and honestly there isn't a game I'm 100% confident of winning at the moment. I still think we'll stay up but it might go down to the last game or two. And we have some absolute morons as supporters - guy in front of me spent more time offering out the home fans than actually watching the game."
- Gazza Bee

"They went two up within minutes and were at the top of their form for most of the match. They played like what they are: a top-half-of-the-table team. We played like what we are: a team short of confidence and in serious danger of relegation. (For what it's worth, I think this was one occasion when Thomas got his selection and tactics wrong)."
- hypa123

"I hope a few of our players in their post-match pressers mentioned that 'we weren't beaten by brilliance today'. Still think they are a very ordinary side that we somehow conspired to make look extraordinary... which is a feat in itself."
- TheHairdresser

"West Ham didn’t play any different to normal. Moyesball. Let us have the ball and countered well. When we had the ball it was very static in the most part. West Ham defended with eight players behind the ball and we didn’t seem to know what to do with it. Players stood still waiting for the ball rather than trying to make room. Also Thomas. Why do you insist on waiting until the 70th minute to make a change? We went 3-1 down after 61 minutes and you still didn’t change anything until the 70th minute and by then it was 4-1. Poor from top to bottom, that."
- Nada Bee

"They set up the high press and all three of our CB’s can’t pass for toffee. We had 3v5 in the middle and simply gave them the ball over and over. Of all our players the three I don’t like playing out from the back were all together tonight trying to play tikka takka to an outnumbered midfield. Add to that FTT couldn't trap a bag of cement and you are going to give the ball away 20 times."
- mhead bee

"West Ham pressed well and you can bet that every other team we play against on the run-in will be doing the same, so we have to move the ball quicker and more positively. We are so passive right now going forward. Three up front, please."

"With the pressure on Moyes and West Ham’s horrible recent form, if we got the first goal things could’ve turned toxic for them. By playing five at the back we played right into their hands, gifted them two early goals, got the crowd up and gave ourselves a mountain to climb. They hadn’t scored a single goal in three games, why so pessimistic?"

"They were there for the taking before the game started, before we decided to give it to them on a plate. They were in bad form, hadn't scored for three games, Moyes under pressure etc etc. We needed to stay solid, get the first goal and silence the crowd, but we couldn't perform to the level required. The rest is history."
- Kingston Bee

"I was hoping we would win this, get Moyes sacked and new manager bounce means WHU beat Everton and Burnley in their next games. Maybe I should change that wish to 'Moyes kicks on from this and thrashes Everton and Burnley for us'!"
- kullyrai

"What a deeply unpleasant fanbase West Ham have. It’s funny, most times when you meet a WHU fan they’re half alright but when you go to the ground you actually see the pond life that follows them."
- LostBee

"We lost the game because we defended like an Under 10s side for the first ten minutes. Our problems are NOT at the top end of the pitch. Conceding FOUR goals of which Bowen will never get an easier hat-trick. We are making and scoring chances, but not as many as our porous defence individually and collectively are giving away."
- Balders Bee

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