The opposition view: Everton

  • by Staff Writer
  • Sunday, 3rd March 2024

Like London buses, these OVs - none for ages, then two in six days. This time we're celebrating three points at Goodison Park, a ground where points have traditionally been hard to come by over the years...

"Areola will probably never have a game like that again. Alvarez first goal in the Premier League - standard. Beto misses a one-on-one. McNeill misses a sitter. Deflection looping in? Not today. First penalty of the season - missed it. West Ham score a wonder goal to go 2-1 up. The third was a mess. So much better in the second half but get no points, it’s not good."
- Bob Latchford

"Complained all season that we hadn’t had a player sent off against us or a penalty. Then both finally happen - and 10 men beat us and we miss the penalty. This is a cursed club or it’s some kind of Truman Show fake reality."

"Back in, soaked to the bone and truly fed up, isn't watching football meant to be enjoyable?"
- Gibbo1976

"Funnily enough I enjoyed today. At least we had shots on target which surprised me and we had a go. That's where the good bits end. West Ham there for the taking. Our attack was powder puff passing the ball into the 'keeper's hands on more than one occasion. The penalty miss stating the obvious was pivotal. But hey ho, we knew how that was going to end up. The crowd knew that as well. Tired, disillusioned and at times disinterested. I'm going to say we will stay up, just, but not because of our performances but because of events elsewhere."
- tommytowne

"Missed penalty, missed chances all over the place, players having off days, outstanding opposition goalie performance. When it eventually all clicks we will give someone a hiding. The bottom three would rather be where we are at the moment and for us surely things can only get better, let's hope so."
- larbert toffee

"Smash and grab by West Ham. If not for their 'keeper it would have been three or four goals for us. They score from a corner with the wrong man (Godfrey) picking up Zouma, score a worldy against the run of play then pick us off when we're pushing for the equaliser when Garner gifts them with a loose pass. Just glad Forest and Palace also lost."
- Blast_of_Cannock

"If you're like me, every season there's a game or two that you see right there in real time as being damaging and telling for that moment in time and that have an effect for the season remaining. Today I have seen one of those games. Today's result is damaging."
- Bombonera

"Quite how we did not win that I struggle to understand. Penalty, miss - one on one with the keeper, miss - if Beto is the answer, I’m a Dutchman. Foul on our player just before one of their goals - needless to say, not given. Their goalie made several really good saves. Will we ever win again?"
- msb

"Actually it was a very good game. The score line doesn't reflect the fact their 'keeper was easily MotM and their players are significantly better than ours."
- bag a yoko

"Didn't even watch the last goal. Stormed out when they went 2-1 up."
- Blue Smoke

"That was a gutless surrender from a winning position. I'm disgusted at that."
- ToffeeTim

"Fuckin' hell. Didn't expect that."
- Newty82

"Moyes winning away from home with a last minute winner after being a goal down, the opposition missing a penalty and getting battered. When the F did he ever do that when at Everton? Absolutely sick to death of this club. Can’t let us have one weekend off from utter misery, can they. I’m surprised Jordan Ayew didn’t transfer to West Ham in the week to hit the bloody winner..."
- Saint Domingo

"MotM today? Moyes, for having a side out there that ran until the final whistle. They kept fighting, our lot wanted to curl up and go to sleep. Desire covers a lot of technical deficiencies. Bad day, bad side, bad manager, bad game, bad result. Everton is poison. Something has to give..."
- Rita_Poon

"Moyes masterclass today. And Kudus tore us apart. Quality player."
- RomanReigns

"To be quite honest I didn’t think we would get anything against West Ham, there are very few teams in the Premier League this bunch can beat. We just need to ensure we beat them and hope the other teams keep beating them. Neither Sean Dyche nor the players are capable of the football necessary to beat a team like West Ham or a manager like Moyes."
- Caolam

"I think most of the anger today is how we lost. 1-0 up, a missed penelty and a lot of missed chances. They score. We miss a lot of chances. They are no great shakes. Two more goals. Cut wide open in extra time. Clinical by them. It hurts that we can't do what they do."
- Sussex

"One of the biggest injustices for a while, that result. West Ham are not much, are they. Should have been 4-0 when Beto actually scores. Well cheesed off, like."
- Richard Alex

"What I'd give to have players like Kudus and Paqueta, not since James have we had a clever player. We have a bunch of workhorses who lack composure and little skill."
- Terrarian

"West Ham's 'keeper was unbelievable today. Had truly a freakishly good match. Can’t take that from him. Tip of the hat."
- irishgoose

"West Ham were happy to sit back and pick us off - Alvarez was outstanding."
- IV(AC)

"All this 'their keeper had a worldie'. What about our bloody 'keeper having a worldie? Once a season would be a start."
- Sussex

"David Moyes is 10x the manager Sean Dyche is."
- ForeverEverton

"When you say we lost to last year's European champions, it doesn't sound so bad!"
- Blue83

"We played well, much better than West Ham, who came away with a 1-3 victory. I still can’t put my finger on it. Beto should never have been on the penalty. However, let’s have it right, nothing goes for us, the 'keeper dives the other way, it’s a great penalty. That’s Leno, Sa and Areola who have all had worldy games at Goodison and nicked three points. I still can’t believe we have lost that game. If you can’t win a game don’t lose. We threw it away today. Honestly don’t even know what to think anymore, I feel like crying."
- Bez2k2k

"We’ve fallen apart here, but for their 'keeper we would have battered them. Unbelievable to concede TWO goals in injury time. Pure wank having to support this lot. I said last week that I should not watch the match and just get someone to kick me in the balls and save myself two hours. Next week I will genuinely try this approach."
- badaids

"Had that thid West Ham goal been instead a late Everton chance to salvage a 2-2 draw, I’ve no confidence any Everton player would have put it in the net."
- Elston Gunnn

"You keep watching in the hope they couldn't be that bad again,and yet, every time, they are. I don't know who presents MotD any more. I honestly believe if this team was in the Championship this season, it would be in the bottom half. You fans that turn up time and again to cheer and support that dross deserve so much better. For me Dyche-ball is as bad as I've seen Everton play since the Mike Walker days. Horrible football to watch and actually depressing. Dark dark days ahead."
- Bilko

"Today was the whole season in one game. We lack any semblance of ability, confidence or composure when trying to convert chances. Our main striker has been profligate for 20 games... that’s over half a season. Despite what people say we do create chances. Converting them is the issue."
- evertony

"I haven't been as angry as today for a long time, seven days in fact since we last played lol. I've had a fit for hours, nothing like Everton annoying you."
- Ring master

"Looking at the almost empty ground at the end and all I can think of is, apart from the supporters, there's no one left at the club who cares. We're such a basket case, it drains the soul and given the opportunity I'd drag our sorry arse to Dignitas and most would thank me for it. Absolute shambles that. We'll be the first club that the fans put in a transfer request."
- magicjuan

"This was deffo a blow to the groin for us. Not gonna help a lot on our players' confidence for the forthcoming matches."
- Sev

"We are shite - poor to watch, no money, Championship players ( at best). Time to crack open another bottle of Malbec."
- milesey05

"I feel sick. They were poor today and we haven’t taken advantage. Then at the end we’ve thrown the towel in. I feel absolutely sick to the stomach."
- Shukes

"Can we just change our buisness to a B&M or something - as we aren't a footy team."

"The state of the whole thing. The whole concept of seeking to be entertained by... This."
- when i score we riot

"It's really embarrassing watching, isn't it? We have a great goalkeeper and pair of centre halves, and that's it. Those three could go into any team in the division. But apart from that? We have full backs that completely lack ability to get forward, wingers that can't run, midfielders that can barely pass the ball and two strikers that must be amongst the very worst in the league. So even with three fantastic defensive players, we are still continuing to lose games at home against crap teams that barely threaten us all game."
- GoldenToffee

"I really think that, if we get a further points deduction, this is the year we go down. We can become another Middlesbrough or Sunderland, with a fine new stadium and a team that is nowhere near good enough for the top flight."
- roy vernon

"All in all we created enough to be up 3-0 and see the game out, but this team just does not know how to win games or get in to solid winning positions. Bitterly disappointed."
- Btay

"Dyche getting done by that shithouse Moyes is rather irritating, I’m not gonna lie. Form is a real concern even though we’ve played some tough sides, has to start winning football matches. Teams with more desire are beating us - not acceptable from any Everton team. Whenever thought Beto should take the pen needs bulleting. Sick of having to support other teams and watch out for other results, it’s exhausting. Cmon Villa?"
- NathDogg

"Six points out of a possible 33 isn’t good enough, once this season is done go down or stay up we need to seriously consider a new manager, who at least has the ability to read a game and make timely decisions. I admit I don’t like his brand of football but more than that I hate his in game management decisions."
- Palfy

"All my life I’ve followed and loved Everton. I’m 60. I’ve never known it so bad. Really can’t be doing with it any more. Cost me loads and is no fun. The club stinks from the top to the bottom."
- rockin' robin

"My lad just rang on his way back from the game, said there were a few kick - offs in the Gladwys street. He said by him some lad started booing the players when they came over, another lad squared up to him having a pop for booing. Lad said he had a right to boo etc, other lad turned round and cracked him. My lad was confronted by a couple of lads because he clapped the players as they came over. Seems to be getting nastier week by week amongst the fans."
- Anon

"Logging off, absolutely sick of this club from top to bottom. Everything about it just reaks of failure. Hopefully after a few drinks I can log on later and boo every player thread which will make me feel a bit better."
- maccavennie

"The one really encouraging run of results under Dyche was the four wins on the bounce, and week by week that’s starting to look more and more like a bunch of players fired up by a points deduction, winning in spite of a crap manager as opposed to because of him. It’s not happening in a million years, but I’d defo welcome him getting the boot."
- Brett Angell Delight

"One thing to come out of this team is young Brainthwaite. He is too good for us, he is one outstanding player and I would go as far as to says he's not even half way to this ceiling of his."
- Yorkiebars89

"I felt sorry for Sue Smith in the Soccer Saturday studio. She finally gets to watch and report on the Everton game - and that happens."
- TyphooToffee

"Just delete the club. Instant mental health benefit."
- TrailerTrash

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