Fans furious at 'no more concessions' rule

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  • Friday, 29th March 2024

West Ham's elderly supporters and their families have reacted furiously to the news that season ticket holders with concessions will be forced to sit in the upper tiers of the London Olympic Stadium after next season.

It has been revealed that, from the beginning of the 2025/26 season, no new concession-priced tickets will be sold in seating bands one to four - meaning that in order to maintain one, you would have to relocate to a band five or six seat, the vast majority of which are situated in the seats furthest from the pitch.

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And that applies not just to the elderly, but equally to all concessions - including those who are under 16 or in receipt of sickness benefits.

Naturally this has caused alarm amongst many of those supporters affected - many of whom have been expressing their disappointment on the KUMB Forum this week.

"If my 87-year-old dad, who has been going to West Ham religiously for 78 years, is forced to pay double or move from the Band 2 seat he was allocated alongside the few remaining old boys from the Upper East, then that would not be just his lot but the entire family," wrote one disgusted KUMB member.

"I'd no longer ever support them knowing that the final metamorphosis into just another faceless football club was complete. The price of everything - and the value of nothing."

Another member added: "I’m 75 and it seems the club I’ve supported all my life is waiting for me and other pensioners to die. Changing the concessions for season tickets is mean, greedy and nasty. Saying it won't effect current season ticket holders is no consolation to those following us.

"Fans who have paid in for decades and been hoping for some financial help when they retire are being shafted. And the club trying to hide this is typical. I'm very upset - but not surprised."

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And that view was supported by another member, who wrote: "My dad is seriously considering not renewing, he’s been a season ticket holder for over 40 years. The bloke next to us isn’t renewing either. Though I'm not sure the club are even that bothered, they’d rather get more tourists in."

Commenting on the news, a club source told @WestHamFootball: "Spurs have scrapped all concessions and have just the one price now in each area. In the long term, we want to create family stands for children and the elderly, but it will NOT impact existing season ticket holders renewing."

Although West Ham are far from the first club in the Premier League to impose such a ruling - Tottenham came under heavy fire from their fanbase recently after it was announced they were doing similar - the news comes as a further blow to a fanbase which was promised cheap seating when moving to Stratford.

* In other news, West Ham are planning to remove season tickets from those fans who fail to use them on a regular basis. A source told West Ham Football: "We are not going to renew some season ticket holders who attend very few games and don’t list their seats on the ticket exchange, we are fed up with so many empty seats at games.

"The season tickets are so cheap, some supporters pick and choose their games - and it’s a real problem for us”.

Additionally it is understood the club intend to scrap the Away Season Ticket scheme, which some of the club's most loyal and longest-suffering supporters are members of. No time frame has been announced for that, yet.

Season tickets for next season - 2024/25 - are priced as follows.

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