Brady doubles down in concessions row

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  • Tuesday, 9th July 2024

If Karren Brady and her fellow board members were ever intending to take into account to the views of West Ham supporters, the club's vice-chair gave no indication of doing so in an open letter published on the club's website today.

Less than 24 hours after a petition calling upon the board to review their recent removal of concessions in Bands 1-4 hit 10,000 signatures, Brady doubled down on the club's controversial and much criticised policy by insisting that "we still have some of the cheapest season tickets in the Premier League".

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Ignoring the barrage of complaints that have been aimed at the board since the new pricing structure was unveiled, Brady repeated the pre-move pledge of an obligation to prove "affordable football" - in the same week as season ticket-holding parents were being forced to pay hundreds of pounds extra in order to ensure their children can sit with them at the London Olympic Stadium.

"We work with the stadium operator to ensure that fan experience is at the centre of all decisions," wrote Brady. "We will continue to work to support the best possible options for our fans and share your feedback regularly to improve your experience.

"On ticketing, I wanted to reiterate that our commitment to affordable family football remains a priority. Our small price uplift this season meant we can continue to invest in our playing squad as we strive for success and ensures that we still have some of the cheapest season tickets in the Premier League.

"We will continue to work with our fans next season to try to find the right balance between growing responsibly and sustainably and ensuring all our supporters have the opportunity to come and watch the team they love."

However Brady's suggestion that additional revenue gained from removing concession seating for Under 21s and over 66s in Bands 1-4 will allow the club to "continue to invest in our playing squad" has been called into question previously by football finance expert Kieran Maguire, who has suggested the price hikes will "not create a significant increase in revenue, full stop".

Meanwhile other predictions have claimed the additional revenue will earn the club enough to "pay Danny Ings' wages for six weeks".

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